New study on R&I perspective of potential for Advanced Biofuels in Europe available!


A study titled “Research and Innovation perspective of the mid- and long-term Potential for Advanced Biofuels in Europe” has been published by the EC, DG Research and Innovation.

The study, developed by a group of high-level organizations (associations and consultancies), is aimed to contribute to future policy developments in the area of advanced biofuels. 

More specifically, the study results aim to feed into the discussion led by the DG Research and Innovation on the role of research and innovation for advanced biofuels, namely:

  • provide and assessment of the potential for research and innovation for biomass feedstock for energy for the time horizons of 2030 and 2050;
  • assess the potential contribution of advanced biofuels for achieving the EU 2020 targets; and
  • compare different fuel options for transport.

Find the full study (a final report and 9 deliverables focused on related sub-topics) by accessing the following link: