European Energy Research Alliance Bioenergy Joint Programme (EERA Bioenergy JP)

The European Energy Research Alliance (EERA) brings together more than 175 research organisations from 27 SET Plan countries that are involved in 17 joint programmes (JPs). In a Joint Programme a research organisation joins institutions in other European countries to work on shared priority setting and research projects.  The EERA plays an important role in promoting coordination among energy researchers along the SET Plan objectives and in the technology transfer to the industry. Additionally, it has also been directly involved in 2016 SET Plan target-setting process. The overall objective of the EERA Bioenergy Joint Programme is to align pre-competitive research activities at EERA institutes to give a technical-scientific basis to further develop the next generation biofuels routes and to explore the possibilities for joint technology development. The more efficient use of R&D investments that this Joint Programme foresees contributes to an acceleration of the development of next-generation conversion technologies.

The EERA Bioenergy Programme will develop new technologies and improve the competiveness of next generation biofuels with four main sub-programmes:

  • SP1 Thermo-Chemical Platform
  • SP2 Bio-Chemical Platform, Mr Francisco GIRIO
  • SP3 Algae Platform
  • SP4 Feedstock production and sustainable biomass
  • SP5 Stationary Bioenergy


For further information about the Joint Programme please visit the EERA JP Bioenergy webpage