WG1 - Biomass Availability

WG1 addresses the availability of biomass resources for the production of sustainable advanced biofuels in Europe, covering Availability assessments and Sustainable biomass resources:

In 2012 WG1 began a process of cooperation with the Renewable Heating and Cooling European Technology Platform, to align with cross-cutting issues. A combined workshop Biomass Supply Challenges: How to meet biomass demand by 2020? was held at the Beurs-World Trade Centre, Rotterdam on 15 March 2012, in co-operation with World Biofuels Markets 2012.

A second joint-workshop on Resource Efficiency to achieve the targets of Bioeconomy for 2020 was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, 5 June 2013, in association with the 21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition.

WG1 also contributes to consulations on availability and sustainability of bioenergy feedstocks, as well as proposals for a European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative and revision of the EBTP SRA/SDD.

In October 2009, the EBTP initiated an Algae Task Force to address recent R&D&D activities and reports relating to algal biofuels.

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