Straight Vegetable Oils (SVO) / Pure Vegetable Oil (PPO)

Diesel engines can be modified to run on Straight Vegetable Oils (SVO), otherwise known as Pure Vegetable Oils (PVO) or Pure Plant Oil (PPO). Waste Vegetable Oils (WVOs) - waste cooking oil from the food industry - are often viewed as being sustainable.

Decentralised small-scale production occurs in many European countries, including Germany, France, Netherlands and UK, for use in agriculture, private vehicles or municipal vehicles.

PVO is addressed by the FP7 project 2ndVegOil - second generation vegetable oil (2008-2011), which has worked on PVO engine development for agricultural vehicles, among other topics. A follow-up project has PraxTrak: Climate protection with pure plant oil fuel as a co-product of animal fodder production funded by financed by the German Ministry for Nutrition, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, started on 1 July 2012. Under the lead of John Deere, the developments done in 2ndVegOil will be further fine-tuned with the aim to produce a fully pure plant oil-fuelled tractor. The kick-off meeting took place on 16 July 2012 at the John Deere European Technology Innovation Center in Kaiserslautern/ Germany.

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