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An introduction to Star-COLIBRI

Star-COLIBRI is a major strategic initiative in the areas of bioenergy and specialities, co-ordinated by the Forest-Based Sector Technology Platform FTP

Five ETPs have joined forces within STAR-Colibri (there are 11 partners in the consortium in total):

The following information on STAR-Colibri is based on a presentation made by Dr. Andreas Kleinschmit von Lengefeld of the Forest-Based Sector TP.

The main objectives of STAR-Colibri are to:

  • Support collaboration between Industry, National Funding & EU & MS Policy Makers
  • Overcome fragmentation in the field of biorefineries research
    between: EU, Member States; Public and industry-driven research;
    different scientific disciplines
  • Facilitate information exchange and cross-fertilization
  • Support break-through innovations by speeding up and facilitate industrial exploitation of research results
  • Train and prepare for future joint programming and potential joint public-private partnership initiative

The short-term strategy of STAR-Colibri is "star clustering" - identify projects that can make a difference and help them to make a difference!

  • Many research projects lack the industrial relevance to have impact on a European scale by 2020
  • Large research projects can make higher impact, but are more bureaucratic
  • Smaller projects can develop enabling technologies but often lack the critical mass to exploit the results
  • Role models act as strong catalysts for positive change

Further information and links relating to STAR-Colibri will appear here as the project progresses in 2009/2010.