EBTP Steering Committee (SC) Meetings - Summary Minutes

30th Meeting

See EBTP Newsletter 16


The 29th Meeting of the EBTP Steering Committee (SC27) was held in Brussels on 11 June 2013. There were 19 attendees, including members of the Steering Committee, the Secretariat and the European Commission. Five new Steering Committe members were welcomed:

Judit Sanquist, Sintef, Norway
Jonas Helseth, Bellona, Norway
Frederic Eychenne, Airbus, France
Allan Rankine. BP Biofuels, UK
Petri Lehmus, Neste Oil, Finland

The Chair thanked a number of long standing SC members who have stepped down from the committee due to changing job roles and/or to allow new members to participate. Lars Hansen was the only candidate for the position of Chair of the EBTPs Steering Committee. He was re-elected chair of the Steering Committee until June 2015. The EBTP Secretariat contract with the EC ended in March 2013. Negotations were continuing on a new FP7 project "EBTP-SABS" to support information and networking activities with EBTP stakeholders in future.

An update on biofuels activities around the EU was presented. Feedback was provided on the workshop on Resource Efficient Supply within the 21st EU BC&E, Copenhagen 5th June 2013 organised by EBTP Woking Group 1 in collaboration with the Renewable Heating and Cooling Technology Platform. A round up of other working groups activities was presented. Other topics covered included updates on EIBI, The Bio-based Industries PPP, a draft ERTRAC Roadmap, the Expert Group on Future Transport Fuels, and NER300. All relevant information has been added to the various sections of the EBTP website.


28th Meeting, Brussels, 6 February 2013

See EBTP Newsletter 15


27th Meeting, Brussels, 16 October 2012

See EBTP Newsletter 14


The 26th meeting of the EBTP Steering Committee (SC26) was held in Brussels on 19 June 2012. The EBTP was pleased to announce the appointment of two new Steering Committee members Niels Ole Knudsen, DONG Energy, and Pierre Porot, IFP Energies Nouvelles, who will also continue as a Vice-chair of Working Group 2 (Conversion). Updates were provided on advanced biofuels demonstration and deployment projects in various Member States. In Italy, Gruppo M&G is progressing well with the Crescentino ethanol plant. The Danish biorefinery alliance has presented a report on the biobased economy to parliamentary representatives. In Sweden, the GoBiGas project is progressing on schedule. The first stage of the gasification plant (about 20 MWgas) will be operational in late 2012. The German Biorefinery Roadmap, which presents a comprehensive overview of different biorefinery technologies and ways to implement them, was launched on June 20th in Frankfurt. In Austria, BDI currently has two research projects at the pilot stage. A pyrolysis pilot plant at OWI will start production in July 2012. BDI is also involved in the FP7 All-Gas project on conversion of microalgae to biodiesel, which is part of the FP7 Algae Cluster, along with the BIOFAT and InteSusAl projects. The first stage of the All-Gas pilot plant is now running in southern Spain. BRISK, which promotes and enables Europewide research cooperation in thermochemical conversion technology, is now developing its first projects.

The Working Group sof the EBTP provided updates on their activities. Working Group 1 (Biomass) is moving forward with its horizontal Working Group in co-operation with the Renewable Heating and Cooling TP (RHC TP). The aim is to define/update the key requirements for sustainable biomass supply chains in terms of research, demonstration and pilot plants for heat, electricity, CHP and transport, accounting for synergies and competition across sectors. Working Group 2 (Conversion) will continue to focus on short / long term research needs on advanced conversion technologies, as well as gathering further feedback on Bio-CCS and CHP synergies. Working Group 3 (End use) is currently awaiting the appointment of a new chair. Candidates were to be suggested to the EBTP Secretariat by mid July 2012. Plans to integrate Working Groups 4 and 5 activites were finalised. This reflects the close link between policy, market development and sustainability issues for advanced biofuels. Sustainability remains an overriding issue for all EBTP WGs. The EBTP Task Force on Algae (TFA) plans to contact the main European algae organisations in July 2012 with a short questionnaire on their activities and research agendas. The aim is to increase networking and to cross-check research agendas to define common research highlights.


The 25th Steering Committee Meeting (SC25) was held at the European Forestry House in Brussels on 27th February 2012.

New Vice-chairs of the Steering Committee were elected. Markku Karlsson (Finnish Forestry Industries Federation) will continue as a Vice-chair, and the EBTP welcomes two new Vice-chairs: Ingvar Landälv (Chemrec) and Sandrine-Dixson-Declève (The Prince of Wales's EU Corporate Leaders Group on Climate Change and Brussels Office, University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership). The EBTP thanked the outgoing Vice-chairs, René van Ree and Anders Röj, for their hard work and support for the EBTP over several years.

Updates on biofuels activities across the Member States were presented. In Finland, construction has started on the UPM wood-to-biodiesel plant using crude tall oil in Lappeenranta, and the Fortum fast pyrolysis bio-oil plant at the Joensuu CHP facility. The Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation is donating approx. €15m for a new platform which brings together Denmark’s leading players within the sustainable use of biomass, and provides a framework for joint R&D activities for the production of building blocks for chemicals and bio-based fuels for the global shipping industry. The construction of the bioliq gasification plant in Karlsruhe and the Mossi & Ghisolfi Group (M&G) (Chemtex) cellulosic ethanol plant in Crescentino, Italy are both progressing well. The BioDME demonstration in Sweden is moving forward at full speed. And BDI-BioEnergy International AG is commissioning a pilot plant on BtL in Austria. However, most Member States are facing challenges with funding and support for advanced bioenergy projects, due to the wider economic environment in the EU.

Updates were also presented on the EBTP Working Groups.

WG1 will continue its cooperation with other ETPs and stakeholders to establish join strategies on biomass supply and demand (as outlined below).

WG2 is pursuing joint actions with the newly published SRAs of various other ETPs, and is enhancing and revising the drafts of the biofuels fact sheets, with 'consultation drafts' having been published on the EBTP website. Please feel free to send your comments on the current draft fact sheets. Topics for new fact sheets are also being discussed and all suggestions are welcome.

The Chair of WG3, Jukka-Pekka Nieminen has stepped down, and the EBTP thanks him for his valuable contribution to the working group and the platform as a whole in recent months. Henrik Landälv, Vice-Chair of WG3, has taken responsibily for WG3 ad interim and has initiated the search for a replacement.

Sustainability and policy are of increasing importance to all aspects of advanced biofuel value chains from feedstock availability and conversion to marketing of end products. To reflect this, the SC suggested that the work of WG4 (sustainability) and WG5 (markets and policy) could be more tightly integrated, for example on activities such as:

  • ILUC follow-up, once the Impact Assessment and possible accompanying EC legislative proposal is published,
  • the Commission 2012 report on RED implementation,
  • the FQD (Fuel Quality Directive), and
  • stakeholders feedback on the renewable energy strategy post 2020.

The EBTP Secretariat is currently consulting on the best way to bring together these joint WG activities


The 24th EBTP Steering Committee meeting (SC24) was held at the EU Office of Kalundborg in Brussels on October 11th 2011.

Antitrust guidelines were introduced at SC24 to comply with competition rules. Feedback was provided on the successful 4th Stakeholder Plenary meeting in Brussels, which was attended by 160 participants on each day. SC members were updated on recent biofuels events. Promising trends in development and financing of advanced biofuels in the US and China were discussed. A summary of recent biofuels activites in Memebr States was presented (major activities are detailed on the relevent pages of the EBPT website). Updates were provided on the EIBI and the Bio-CCS JTF. The FP7 Bioenergy Call, Horizon 2020 and potential production support policies for advanced biofuels were also discussed.


The EBTP welcomes Valentin Ruiz Santa Quiteria, Repsol, and Carmen Millán Chacartegui, Abengoa Bioenergia Nuevas Tecnologias, as new Steering Committee members.

At SC24, EBTP Working Groups reported back to the Steering Committee on proposals for future tasks and activities. Further details are available on the pages for each Working Group and in EBTP Newsletter 11. It is envisaged that all Working Groups will provide input to the European Commission DG ENER report of article 21.2, materials, biomass, technologies, policy tools for RED.

23rd Steering Committee Meeting - Summary Minutes The 23rd EBTP Steering Committee meeting was held at the EU Office of Novozymes in Brussels on 21 June 2011.

Joanna Dupont-Inglis (EuropaBio/SusChem) and Sandro Cobror (Gruppo M&G) were welcomed as new Steering Committee members. Attention was drawn to the recent FAO G20 report "Price volatility in food in agricultural markets", the IEA Biofuels Roadmap, the approval of the standard for paraffinic jet fuel by ASTM, the construction of a biomass gasification plant in Q3 of 2011 by Lurghi (bioliq Karlsrhue, Germany), voluntary sustainability schemes for biofuels under the Renewable Energy Directive, and a new report on IsoButanol by Gevo, which plans in Q1 2012 to convert an ethanol plant for commercial scale production of IsoButanol. Also discussed were successful field tests of BioDME in Sweden, US debates on phasing out subsidies for ethanol, the final report of the BIOSYNERGY project, EC proposal for a revised Energy Taxation Directive, and the white paper "Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area – Towards a competitive and resource efficient transport system”, including the aviation and maritime sector".

An update was provided on the European Algae Biomass Association and the AquaFUELS project, and on the European Bioenergy Industrial Initiative EIBI. The ERANET+ financial instrument will be used to potentially support 3-4 demonstration or flagship plants. An EIBI call for Expressions of Interest will be launched in July 2011 and will subsequently feed into the ERANET+ call. The need for support mechanisms to facilitate the development of flagship plants for advanced biofuels was also discussed. The new European Advanced Biofuels Flightpath initiative was introduced.

The Becoteps project has now come to and end. The EBTP continues to participate in StarCOLIBRI, and a summary of recent activities was presented. A Zero Emissions Platform ZEP-EBTP Joint Task Force on Bio-CCS has been established.

Organisation of the 4th Stakeholder Plenary meeting 14th/15th September 2011 in Brussels was also discussed.


22nd Steering Committee Meeting - Summary Minutes

Lars Hansen, Novozymes, was introduced as the new Chair of the EBTP Steering Commitee. The outgoing Chair, Véronique Hervouet, Total, was thanked for her work and strong commitment to the EBTP over the past 3 years. 3 new members were welcomed to the SC: Denis Cieutat, Air Liquide, Paul Nash, Airbus, and Sandro Cobror, Gruppo M&G. The procedure was commenced for election of SC Vice Chairs. Marc Londo (former Vice Chair of WG 4) was welcomed as new Chair of WG 4, and Marc Gillmann (Total) as new Chair of WG 5.

Birger Kerckow, FNR, summarised recent EC activites on ILUC. Also discussed were progress reports towards RES targets under the Renewable Energy Directive, DG MOVE European Expert Group on Future Transport Fuels, the role of advanced biofuels in National Renewable Energy Action Plans (NREAP), and the EERA bioenergy programme, among other topics. An update was presented on the EBTP contribution to the European Industrial Bioernergy Initiative EIBI. Information was provided on recent liaison with the Star-COLIBRI and BECOTEPS projects, as well as a proposed Joint Task Force on Bio-CCS (with ZEP). Potential topics were proposed for the 4th EBTP Stakeholder Plenary meeting on 14 September 2011 in Brussels.

21st Steering Committee Meeting - Summary Minutes

Among other topics, SC Members were updated on the national implementations of the Renewable Energy Directive, the October 2010 Conference on Cellulosic Ethanol in Copenhagen, the inauguration of the Chemrec BioDME plant in Piteå, and NER300. Kyriakos Maniatis, DG ENER, provided an overview of the results of the FP7 call on "Biofuels from Algae". Latest developments for the anticipated launch of the European Industrial Bioernergy Initiative EIBI at the SET Plan Conferecne in Brussels on 15 November 2010 were presented and discussed. Information was provided on recent liaison with the Star-COLIBRI and BECOTEPS projects.

20th Steering Committee Meeting - Summary Minutes

Heike Frühwirth (Biodiesel International, Austria) was welcomed as new Vice-Chair of the EBTP Algae Task Force. Mona-Maria Brinker was introduced as a new staff member of the EBTP Secretariat. An update was presented on recent biofuels R&D activities and policy issues. These include the sustainability requirements of the Renewable Energy Directive and the EC voluntary schemes on certification and counting rules for biofuels. Also mentioned were recent reports and initiatives by the USDA (see reports database), an EU workshop on wood availability, the use of biogas as a transport fuel in the Netherlands, the first flight of an airplane using 100% algal biofuels at the Berlin Air Show, and the opening of the first DME filling station in Sweden. The Secretariat provided feedback on the 3rd Stakeholder Plenary Meeting, which was attended by 144 participants. EBTP WG6 on Prioritisation was renamed as the EIBI Working Group, and will provide internal liaison with EBTP members in the SET Plan EIBI Team and the EIBI Criteria Taskforce. A report was given on the SET Plan Madrid Conference, 3-4 June 2010, Madrid. Next steps for the EIBI were discussed. The Update to the EBTP Strategic Research Agenda was finalised. A proposal was made for a joint Task Force between ZEP (Zero Emmissions Platform) and EBTP. An update was provided on EBTP involvement in the BeCoTeps and Star-COLIBRI projects, the EC Expert Group on Future Transport Fuels and other ETP initiatives.

19th Steering Committee Meeting - Summary Minutes

Véronique Hervouet summarized recent key developments and events with regard to the European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative since the last SC meeting, including the SET Plan Conference in Stockholm on 20/21 October 2009. Silvia Ferratini (EC, DG Research) provided an update on activities of the SET Plan Steering Committee. The EBTP has been invited to join 2 events on biomass availability (organised by CEUBIOM in cooperation with BEE) on 15/16 April 2010. The timeframe for production of the Strategic Research Agenda was discussed. There will be a stakeholder consultation process following the 3rd Stakeholder Plenary Meeting (SPM3) on April 14, with publication scheduled for the summer of 2010. The programme for SPM3 was confirmed. Biger Kerckow, Secretariat, reported on the BeCoTeps Member States Meeting on 9th February where the outcome of three workshops was discussed. A major KBBE conference is planned for 14th September 2010. Details will be added to the EBTP website when available.

18th Steering Committee Meeting - Summary Minutes

The 18th Steering Committee meeting was hosted by Europabio in Brussels on 14th October 2009, and attended by 27 people, including Steering Committee members, WG chairs, EBTP Secretariat and representatives of the European Commission.

The meeting opened with a roundtable review of recent events and relevant information on biofuels R&D and policy issues, and key demonstration and pilot activities in the EU, Member States.

New SC Member Edgar Gnansonou made a short presentation on biofuels activities at EPFL, including the Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels. Sandrine Dixson-Decleve, EU Director of the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership, also provided a short presentation on sustainability initiatives.

SC members were updated on the EBTP contribution to the European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative (EIBI) including the EC workshop with Member State representatives on the 26 June, EC workshop on “Eligibility and Project Selection Criteria” on the 25th September, as well as the SET Plan Conference in Stockholm 21/22 October.

Working Group Chairs provided an update on their activities, particularly the initial work on the update of the SRA/SDD and the establishment of an Algae Task Force, and ongoing R&D&D prioritisation activities.

A presentation “European Research Infrastructure – EC activities” was made by Brigitte Weiss (EC) and the potential EBTP contribution to this topic was discussed.

A short presentation was made on the redeveloped EBTP website, launched in October 2009.

It was agreed to hold the 3rd Stakeholder Plenary Meeting in Brussels on 14th April 2010.

The 18th SC meeting concluded with a discussion of ongoing cooperation between EBTP and other relevant organisations, including participation in the ETP Leaders Seminar on 13th October 2009, BEcoTeps workshops October / November, EraNet Bioenergy, Biomass panel /AEBIOM on Otcober 1, 2010 and the Zero Emission Platform (ZEP) among others.

17th Steering Committee Meeting - Summary Minutes

The 17th Steering Committee meeting took place at European Forestry House, Brussels on 18th June 2009, and was attended by 18 Steering Committee members, 5 representatives of the European Commission, 2 observers from Bellona and 3 members of the Secretariat.

The following new Members gave presentations on their activities relating to biofuels R&D&D: Frederic Hauge (Bellona), Sandrine Dixson-Declève (International Sustainable Energy Exchange) and Christian Dumas (Airbus). Eduardo Romero Palazón (Repsol YPF), new SC Member, and Béatrice Perrier-Maurer (Toyota Europe), new Vice-Chair of WG5, were also welcomed.

An update on recent developments in the EBTP contribution to proposals for a European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative were given by Markku Karlsson and Harri Turpeinen, in preparation for the EIBI wokshop with Member State representatives on 26 June 2009. The presentations were followed by extensive discussion.

Preparations were discussed for an update of the EBTP SRA/SDD. An Algae Task Force was initiated to cover recent R&D&D in algae biofuels.

Véronique Hervouet reported briefly on the meeting with the Coordination Group of the Zero Emission Technology Platform (ZEP) on 17 June 2009, which she attended together with Birger Kerckow. Three SC members of the EBTP are also active in the ZEP (Olivier Appert, Martha Heitzmann, Frederic Hauge) enusring the flow of information between the platforms.

16th Steering Commitee Meeting - Summary Minutes

The 16th Steering Committee meeting took place at European Forestry House, Brussels on 19th March 2009, and was attended by 14 Steering Committee members and WG Chairs, 2 representatives of the European Commission, 2 observers from the Forestry Technology Platform, and 4 members of the Secretariat.

Luis Cabra (Repsol), the first Chair of the EBTP SC, and Wolfgang Steiger (VW) formerly resigned from the SC due to work commitments. They were warmly thanked them for their great contribution to the EBTP.

Feedback was provided on the Second Stakeholder Plenary Meeting, including results of the participant questionnaire which were generally very positive.

Wolfgang Steiger (VW) reported briefly on the 1st Forum meeting of the
FREIGHTVISION Project . Ingvar Landälv reported on the Swedish call for biofuel projects. Harri Turpeinen (Neste Oil) introduced the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT). Véronique Hervouet (Chair) reported on the World Biofuels Markets Conference, 16-18 March in Brussels. Raffaello Garofalo (EBB) reported on the rapidly increasing attention being given to biofuels from algae. Anders Röj mentioned the International Biofuels Standardisation Conference.

A discussion took place on the proposals for a European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative, including input from EC representatives on forthcoming workshops involving the SET Plan Steering Group, which includes reporesentatives from the Members States responsible for energy innovation and investment.

An update was given on the current composition and activities of the EBTP Working Groups.

Wolfgang Steiger (VW) presented the European Road Transport Research Advisory Council.

Birger Kerckow (FNR, Secretariat) introduced the ERA Net bioenergy workshop, 31st March 2009 in Dublin, focusing on pre-treatment R&D for biofuels production. The possibilities for ERA Net cooperation were discussed. A Presentation of the ETP joint project: StarColibri was made by Johan Elvnert from the Forest based Technology Platform.