EBTP European Biofuels Technology Platfom

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The Mission of the European Biofuels Technology Platform is to contribute to:


      • the development of cost-competitive world-class biofuels value chains,


      • to the creation of a healthy biofuels industry, and


      • to accelerate the sustainable deployment of biofuels in the EU


through a process of guidance, prioritisation and promotion of research, technology development and demonstration.




Established in 2006, the European Biofuels Technology Platform is supervised by a Steering Committee. The activities are carried out by the members of Four Working Groups covering: Biomass supply and demand; Conversion technologies and fuel production; End Use and distribution; and Policy and sustainability. There is also liaison with national biofuels platforms and bioenergy associations and Member States representatives. The EBTP is supported by a Secretariat. Dissemination, networking and knowledge sharing among stakeholders is supported by the EBTP-SABS team.




The European Biofuels Technology Platform actively engages with biofuels stakeholders (researchers, academia, civil societies, industry), EC-funded research projects and initiatives, related European TPs and global biofuels organisations in a wide range of activites relevant to the R&D&D of sustainable advanced biofuels in Europe. In particular, the EBTP has developed a Strategic Research Agenda for Biofuels in Europe and is actively involved in the European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative EIBI.

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