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The links below cover European and International information sources and contacts on biofuels and bioenergy.

Alternatively, you can search the database of European Biofuels Stakeholders for biofuels organisations and companies active in specific biofuels sectors and countries:

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International biofuel organisations, associations and information sources

SETIS Strategic Energy Technologies Information System

ESBF European Sustainable Biofuels Forum

European Bioeconomy Observatory - All the latest data and information about bioeconomy, including statistics on investments in research, policy mapping, bioeconomy country profiles, data visualisation and analytical reports. This online resource is managed by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC).

EERA-Bioenergy - European Energy Reseach Alliance joint programme on Bioenergy involves 34 RTD organisations from 15 European countries and addresses 5 key areas: Thermochemical, Sugar, Algae-based biofuels, Sustainable biomass, and Stationary bioenergy.

EIT European Institute of Innovation and Technology The European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) is to be a key driver of sustainable European growth and competitiveness through the stimulation of world-leading innovations with a positive impact on economy and society. The mission of the EIT is to grow and capitalise on the innovation capacity and capability of actors from higher education, research, business and entrepreneurship from the EU and beyond through the creation of highly integrated Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs).

Horizon 2020 - The new EC Framewok Programme in support of European innovation and R&D (2014-2020)

FP7 projects This site includes details of projects funded under the 7th Framework Programme.

FP6 projects This site included details of projects funded under the FP6 programme, and was archived in November 2013.

General information on all aspects of European Research activities and the various Institutions of the European Union can be found on the following sites:

The Europa site includes sub-sites that contain information covering biofuels activities supported by the various Directorate Generals for Research, Energy and Agriculture

TRIP - Transport Research and Innovation Portal. 


Network Biofuels Austria

Österreichischer Biomasse-Verband
Austrian Biomass Association



Belgian association for the valorization of biomas for non-food uses, including bioenergy and biofuels.



BGBIOM was created in the autumn of 1998, and became a member of European Biomass Association (AEBIOM). BGBIOM promotes renewable energy sources, mainly biomass, plant residues and animal manure as energy sources for sustainable society.


CTP biosložky
Czech Technology Platform for Biofuels in Transport and the Chemical Industry

Founded in 2006, the main interest area of the TP is a promotion of second generation biofuels, with particular focus on biomass production and conversion, biofuels transport, usage and sustainability. Currently, the TP consists of 30 members, including companies, academia, applied research, stock producers and oil refineries. (Biofuels pages in Czech language only)

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CZ Biom - Ceské sdružení pro biomasu
Czech Biomass Association


DIBioenergi Danish Bioenergy Association


Estonian Biomass Association


The Bioenergy Association of Finland


Syndicat des énergies renouvelables


BBE Bundesverband BioEnergie e.V.

Email: info[at]


S.BI.B.E Hellenic Biofuels and Biomass Association

SBIBE aims to protect the environment, reduce pollution and promote biofuels, namely biodiesel, in Greece and abroad.



Magyar Biomassza Társaság

website currently unavailable


Irish Bioenergy Association (IrBEA)


Biofuels Italia

biofuels italia logo

Established 28 January 2008

Biofuels Italia Website

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ITABIA - Italian Biomass Association


Association of biofuels producers and suppliers of Lithuania


NL-BEA Stichting Platform Bio-Energie


NOBIO - Norsk Bioenergiforening


Polish Technology Platform for Biofuels

website not currently available

Polish Biomass Association


Romanian Biofuels Technology Platform (BIOCARO)


RBA Russian Biofuels Association


SK-BIOM - Slovenská asociácia pre biomasu
Slovak Biomass Association


SLOBIOM - Zveza društev za biomaso Slovenije
Solevnian Biomass Association


Spanish Biomass Technology Platform (BIOPLAT)


The Spanish Biomass Technology Platform includes a Work Group dedicated to Biofuels (Bio Combustibles)



See also

f3 The Swedish Knowledge Centre for Renewable Transportation Fuels


Swiss Biofuels Platform (no longer active)

The main objective of the Swiss Biofuels Platform was to promote and facilitate the use of sustainable biofuels in the transport sector in Switzerland. The website is no longer available. EBTP is not aware of a dedicated Bioenergy or biofuels association in Switzerland in 2014.


Renewable Energy Association - Renewable Transport Fuels Group RTFG

BioTop - Biofuels RTD Cooperation Latin America - Europe

Interactive Latin American Biofuels Map - covering statistics, production, sustainability, feedstocks, policy and other information for biodiesel and bioethanol on a country-by-country basis.

BioTop reports on biofuels in Latin America - a detailed list is included in the report database of the ETIP Bioenergy website.

Please also see the sustainability links below, which include links to organsiations and initiatives covering biofuels production in Brazil.


General Bioenergy and Renewable Energy Organisations

AEBIOM – The European Biomass Association

EREC - European Renewable Energy Council

eseia - the European Sustainable Energy Innovation Alliance
An association of leading membership organisations spanning a number of European countries operating in the field of sustainable energy systems, from energy provision to energy consumption in research, teaching and innovation. The cross-sector membership of scientific, business and political partners is dedicated to advancing innovation to implement renewables and sustainable technologies in Europe as well as on a global scale.

EUBIA - European Biomass Industry Association

EUFORES - the European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources

FEDARENE - European Federation of Regional Energy and Environment Agencies

IEA Bioenergy
This site covers the activities of the various Tasks supported by the International Energy Agency.
IEA Bioenergy

WBA - World Bioenergy Association


COPA – COGECA Committee of Professional Agricultural Organisations in the European Union and General Confederation of Agricultural Co-operatives in the European Union

Confederation of European Forest Owners

EPSO,   European Plant Science Organisation

ESA European Seed Association

EABA - European Algae Biomass Association


EBB - European Biodiesel Board

CONCAWE Oil Company Organisation for Environment, health and safety

EFOA - European Fuel Oxygenates Association

EFPRA – European Fat Processors & Renderers Association

ePure - European Renewable Ethanol Association

EuropaBio The European Association for Bioindustries

European Biogas Association

EUROPIA - The European Petroleum Industry Association

EWABA - European Waste to Advanced Biofuels Association

FEDIOL - EC Seed Crushers and Oil Processors Association

SNPAA  - Syndicat National des Producteurs d’Alcool Agricole

UEPA - European Union of Ethanol Producers

End use of biofuels and market development

ACEA European Automobile Manufacturers Association

EARPA European Automative Research Partners Association

ENGVA - European Natural Gas Vehicle Association

EUCAR - The European Council for Automotive R & D

FREIGHTVISION - Developing a long-term vision and a robust and adaptive action plan both for transport and technology policy for sustainable long-distance freight transport

Leaders of Sustainable Biofuels

JEC Biofuels Programme - EUCAR, CONCAWE and JRC project covering Well to Wheels analaysis (WTW), and other aspects of biofuels production and use.

NVGA Europe (Natural Gas Vehicle Assocation)- promoting the use of Bio-CNG, LNG and L-CNG

TRKC - The Transport Research Knowledge Centre (TRKC) 
Provides an overview of research activities at European and national level.

International Transport Forum - OECD

Sustainability organisations

Better Sugarcane Initiative

Brazilian Biofuels - Social Fuel Seal

Bureau Veritas

Council on Sustainable Biomass Production

Ethical Sugar

GAVE - Climate Neutral Gaseous and Liquid Energy Carriers (Netherlands)

Global Bioenergy Partnership

IDB Biofuels Sustainability Scorecard

IEA Taskforce 40 Fair Biotrade

Inter-American Development Bank Biofuels Sustainability Scorecard

Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership LowCVP (UK)

Natural Resources Defense Council

Quality and Performance of Biofuels (BioF)

Rainforest Alliance

Register of Biofuels Origination RBO

Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (UK)

Roundtable on Sustainable Biofuels (RSB)

Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil

Roundtable on Responsible Soy Association

Sustainable Aviation Fuel Users Group SAFUG

Sustainable Food Laboratory - Responsible Commmodities Initiative (RCI) on Biofuels

Transport and environment

United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)

UNICA - Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association
UNICA sustainable sugar cane initiative

University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership (CPSL)

Certification organisations and initiatives

Ethanol and Sugar Impact Analysis (ESIA)

European Committee for Standardization (CEN) TC19

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC)

German draft biofuel sustainability ordinance

International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)

International Organisation for Standards IOS TC28/SC7 - Biofuels

Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification schemes (PEFC)

IEA Bioenergy Task 39 2nd Generation Biofuels Demonstration Facilities - a clickable online map and dtabase with summaries of over 50 2nd Generation Biofuels Demonstration Plants in Europe, the United States and Australia

Global Biofuels Centre

Global Renewable Fuels Alliance GRFA

Elobio: effective and low-disturbing biofuel policies - develops low-disturbing policy options, enhancing biofuels but minimising the impacts on e.g. food and feed markets, and markets of biomass for power and heat.

Anaerobic Digestion News - Covers biogas to biodiesel
Biobased News
Biodiesel Magazine
Bioenergy Insight
Bioenergy International
Bioenergy Reseach
Bioenergy site, the
Biofpr - Biofuels, bioproducts and biorefining
Biofuels - Future Science
Biofuels Brazil - A weekly report with the latest facts, figures & market news
Biofuels Business
Biofuels Digest
Biofuels International
Biofuels Journal
Biofuels Media
Biomass magazine - Biomass Power and Thermal
Biorefining magazine - Covers biofuels and aquatic/microbial feedstocks
Biotechnology for Biofuels
British BioEnergy News
DG Environment - Research News Alert Service

Elsevier Biofuels
Energy Intelligence
Ethanol Market
Ethanol Producer Magazine
European Biodiesel Board
European Energy Innovation - Covers sustainable energy inc. biofuels
Green Air Online
- Indepenent news updates on aviation and the environment
Horizon Magazine - Latest news from the EC Horizon 2020 programme
IJREB International Journal of Renewable Energy and Biofuels - Open access scientific articles, with many relating to biofuels and bioenergy)
Oil and Gas Journal
Technology Networks Agrigenomics page - Covers advanced biofuels
Teru talk
-Conversion of waste to biofuels, bioenergy and other products


IEA-AMF Advanced Motor Fuels Newsletter One 2014

IEA Task 34 Pyrolysis (PyNe) Newsletter January 2014

IEA Task 39 (Commercializing Liquid Biofuels) - Newsletter December 2013

European Biogas Association Newsletters - January and February 2014

UFOP Market Information