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Mission Statement

The mission of the European Biofuels Technology Platform (Biofuels TP) is to contribute to the development of sustainable, cost-competitive, world-class biofuels technologies, to the creation of a healthy biofuels industry and to accelerate the deployment of sustainable biofuels in the European Union through a process of guidance, prioritisation and promotion of research, development and demonstration.

1. Editorial

Véronique Hervouet
Chair, Steering Committee, European Biofuels Technology Platform

Following the successful launch of the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA) and Strategic Deployment Document (SDD), the European Biofuels Technology Platform is now focusing its efforts to support its implementation.

A first practical contribution will be through a database covering recent and current research initiatives across the whole biofuels production and use chain. While public & private funding of R&D&D is vital to develop sustainable biofuels across Europe, it is also important to avoid duplication of efforts, given the large number of actors and the different funding schemes available at the national and EU level.

To gather key informations on most significant biofuels research and demonstration activities across EU, an online questionnaire has been developed where all Stakeholders can submit summaries of national/regional projects to include in the database in addition to information on EU funded and other projects already gathered by the Biofuels TP secretariat.

As part of the new activities supporting SRA/SDD implementation, the Steering Committee also decided to prioritise the most critical areas of research and demonstration needed for successful deployment of sustainable biofuels, within the European context. An ad hoc working group has been set up and will leverage on the expertise of the platform’s working groups.

A direct application of this effort should be to contribute actively to the European Industrial Initiative on Bio-energy as proposed by the EU under the Strategic Energy Technology plan (SET-plan).

In parallel, strengthening collaboration with other Technology Platforms of relevance to biofuels as well as with member states will be pursued.

Last, but not least, further developing communication initiatives and tools such as this website remains an essential part of the Biofuels TP‘s activities, contributing to re-inforce and enlarge involvement of all the biofuels stakeholders committed to the fulfilment of the Biofuels TP’s missions.

2. Changes in Personnel

In recent weeks, a series of personnel changes have occurred at all levels within the platform.

At the Steering Committee meeting on 30 January 2008, Véronique Hervouet (Total) was elected to chair the SC. The whole SC expressed deep recognition to Luis Cabra, her predecessor as chair of the SC, for his sterling efforts and leadership skills that nurtured the Biofuels TP through to the completion of the SRA/SDS and organisation of the Stakeholders Plenary meeting.

As Olivier Appert elegantly resigned as Vice Chair to ensure adequate geographic balance, two new Vice Chairs were unanimously elected: Markku Karlsson of UPM-Kymmene Corporation, Finland, and Réne van Ree, Wageningen University & Research Centre Agrotechnology and Food Sciences Group (AFSG), the Netherlands.

The Coordinator of the Secretariat, Ann Segerborg-Fick, has moved to a new job within the motor industry, to be replaced by Peter Ahlvik. Sandra Pries has moved to a new role within FNR, and is replaced by Christina Strasser. We thank both Ann and Sandra for their important contributions to the early stages of the Biofuels TP.

Change has also occurred within the European Commission where the Biofuels Technology Platform’s scientific officer is now José Ruiz-Espi, who replaces Barry Robertson. Many thanks to Barry and Jeroen Schuppers, our original scientific officer, for their support and enthusiasm during the first phase of the EBTP.


3. R&D Mapping Overview

The Strategic Research Agenda & Strategy Deployment Document (SRA/SDD), describes the key Research & Development (R&D) areas which are necessary to achieve the political targets for biofuels in 2020/2030.

To achieve an overview of the current state of biofuels R&D in Europe vis à vis the Biofuels TP SRA, a database has been created to collate the main ongoing projects funded by EU, Member States and other countries of direct relevance to the SRA. The database covers studies, research and demonstration projects.

Mapping of such key R&D projects of relevance to the SRA has just been initiated by the Biofuels TP secretariat. This involves gathering information on projects funded by EC, Member States or other countries, using information currently available on Cordis, Biomatnet and other information sources.

Information on a number of projects has already been compiled by the Secretariat, but the participation of stakeholders will be crucial to obtain a more complete picture of ongoing R&D projects. All registered stakeholders can supply this information via an online questionnaire. They will also have access to the searchable database of projects.

database screen shot

The searchable database includes details of project title, budget, country, duration, description, main research areas, co-ordinating organisations, and participants. It also includes links to project websites, abstracts and reports.

The beta version of the database is already in operation. We would welcome any useful feedback from stakeholders or suggestions for improvements, which will assist with ongoing development of the database in the coming weeks.

Full details of how to access the questionnaire and database are included below.

4. Using the Research Questionnaire and Online Database

A) Register as a Stakeholder

If you are not currently a WG or SC Member, or a registered Stakeholder, but are actively involved in Biofuels research, please complete the stakeholder application form. We will then send you a username and password to access the questionnaire and database.

B) View the Biofuels Research Database

i) Login using your usual WG, SC or Stakeholder members area username and password.

ii) You will be redirected to the search page, where you can find projects in specific countries and research areas, and then view full details and links.

C) Submit your project details

Simply login to the search page (as described above), and click on 'submit new project' to launch the questionnaire.

Note: At this time the beta version of the database includes details of several example EU projects, but will be expanded over the coming weeks and months to include details of many other studies, research and demonstration projects.


5. Liaison with ETPs - KBBE & the 3rd Industrial Revolution

The Biofuels TP is developing links and activities with several of the “Knowledge Based Bio-Economy (KBBE)” related Technology Platforms. This involves participation at meetings of ETPs of direct relevance to Biofuels such as Plant for the Future, Forest Products and Suschem. Examples of areas of potential collaboration include bio-feedstocks issues and sustainability. A proposal to improve co-operation of KBBE TPs has been submitted under the last KBBE call “Coordinating the activities of KBBE relevant European Technology Platforms (KBBE-2008-1-4-11)”.

The Technology Platforms in the KBBE area are: Food for Life / Plants for the Future / Aquaculture (EATP) / Forest Wood / SusChem / Farm Animal Breeding (FABRE) / Biofuels / Manufacture (aspects relevance to agricultural engineering).

Background information on KBBE...

On 25 January, several ETPs were invited by the European Commission to contribute their thoughts to the priorities of the Environment research themes in the next calls under FP7.

In addition, on 7 April 08 the BiofuelsTP participated at a meeting of “The 3rd Industrial Revolution – inter Technology Platform working group”, with other energy related TPs on the topic of energy transition.


6. BiofuelsTP Participation in Events

Since the Biofuels Stakeholder Plenary meeting in January 2008, members of the Biofuels TP Steering Committee, Working Groups and Secretariat have attended numerous events. A selection of these is listed below.

11 March
Carbon Trust Pyrolysis Workshop, London

Attended by Jim Coombs, CPL Press, Biofuels TP Secretariat

12 March
WBM 08 - Pre Congress Conference, Next Generation Biofuels Technology and Science Day

Panel Participation by Calliope Panoutsou, Imperial College London
Co-Chair, Biofuels TP WG1 Biomass

12-13 March
Swedish Energy Fair 2008, Stockholm

Biofuels TP exhibition stand. SRA/SDD Report distributed

14 March
World Biofuels Markets, Brussels
Participation in a round table concluding the conference by Véronique Hervouet, TOTAL SA
Chair, Biofuels TP Steering Committee

2 April
Biofuels Seminar of the Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic at the Czech Parliament, Prague
Presentation (in part covering Biofuels TP) by Marc Londo, Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) Co-Chair, BiofuelsTP WG4 Sustainability

7 April
3rd Industrial Revolution - Inter-Platform working group meeting
Attended by Véronique Hervouet, TOTAL SA, Chair, Biofuels TP Steering Committee, and Birger Kerckow, FNR, Biofuels TP Secretariat

6-7 May
FNR Symposium 'Neue Biokraftstoffe' / 'New biofuels', Berlin
Presentation by Véronique Hervouet, TOTAL SA
Chair, Biofuels TP Steering Committee

20 May
Parallel session of the Forest-Based Sector TP & KBBE, Slovenia

Biofuels TP represented by Marrku Karlsson, UPM-Kymmene Corporation
Vice-Chair, Biofuels TP Steering Committee

28 May
Transport Fuels: Crucial factor and driver towards sustainable mobility, Vienna

Biofuels TP represented by Véronique Hervouet, TOTAL SA
Chair, Biofuels TP Steering Committee

28-29 May
EPSO Workshop on Biofuels, London

Presentation by Calliope Panoutsou, Imperial College London
Co-Chair, Biofuels TP WG1 Biomass



7. Biofuels Events Summer 2008

2-6 June 2008
16th European Biomass Conference & Exhibition
From Research to Industry and Markets

Feria Valencia, Spain

4-5 June 2008
Biofuels International Expo and Conference
Rotterdam, Netherlands

9-11 June 2008
World Biofuels Forum 2008
Prague, Czech Republic

19 June 2008
Joint Partnering Event for FP7 Projects
(FTP, EFI, EFPRO, InnovaWood)

Municon Conference Center, Munich Airport, Germany

19-20 June 2008
International Conference Biogas
Monastery Banz, Bad Staffelstein, Germany

22-26 June 2008
4th EPSO Conference 2008 - Plants for Life
Toulon (Côte d'Azur), France

24-25 June 2008
European Biofuel Congress
Philharmonie Essen, Germany

26-27 June 2008
Fuelling the Climate - 2nd European Symposium on Technological Developments in Renewable Energy
Hamburg, Germany

3 July 2008
Bioenergy Research Forum (BRF) - Liquid Biofuels Event
The Wilton Centre, Teesside, UK

28-30 August 2008
Forest BioEnergy - Fuel Supply Chains 2008
Jämsänkoski and Jämsä, Finland

8. Recent Biofuels Reports

Status and outlook for biofuels, other alternative fuels and new vehicles
Produced by IEA Bioenergy within Annex XXVIII of the IEA Advanced Motor Fuels Implementing Agreement (AMF), this study reviews the current situation for energy supply, motor fuels and vehicle technology, and summarizes projections into the future. The focus is on alternative fuels and new vehicle technologies to 2030.
icon 4.1 Mb download

Science for Environmental Policy - Special Issue: Biofuels
A summary of recent research and studies on the envrionmental impact of biofuels, produced by DG Environment as part of its environmental research news alert service.
icon 344 Kb download

An exhaust characterization study based on regulated and unregulated and evaporative emissions from bi-fuel and flexi-fuel light-duty passenger cars fuelled by petrol (E5), bioethanol (E70, E85) and biogas tested at +22°C and -7°C
Study funded by the Swedish Road Administration, and conducted in co-operation between AVL MTC, Ecotraffic ERD3 and Stockholm University
pdf icon 2.9 Mb PDF download

NNFCC Liquid Transport Biofuels Technology Status Report
Produced by National Non-Food Crops Centre, UK
pdf icon 4.6 Mb PDF download

Biofuel policies for dynamic markets - brochure for the Elobio: effective and low-disturbing biofuel policies project

Produced by Elobio
pdf icon 1.1 Mb PDF download

REFUEL Final Road Map (1.77 Mb PDF - document added Mar 2008)
Eyes on the Track, Mind on the Horizon - From inconvenient rapeseed to clean wood: A European Road Map for Biofuels

Produced by REFUEL
pdf icon 1.77 Mb download

Biofuels in the European Union: Facts and Uncertainties

Published by the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC)
pdf icon 802 Kb PDF download