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Mission Statement

The mission of the European Biofuels Technology Platform (EBTP) is to contribute to the development of cost-competitive, world-class biofuels technologies, to the creation of a healthy biofuels industry and to accelerate the deployment of sustainable biofuels in the European Union through a process of guidance, prioritisation and promotion of research, technology development and industrial demonstration.

1. Editorial

Dear EBTP Stakeholder,

Thank you to all the speakers and delegates who made our 5th Stakeholder Plenary meeting last month a success. The EBTP sees a bright future for advanced biofuels which are a key component of the EU climate and energy ambitions and a huge opportunity for economic growth and jobs. The EBTP view is that the fuel tank is half-full, rather than half-empty!

The stakeholder meeting highlighted both the great opportunities and challenges surrounding commercial deployment of advanced biofuels. The feedstocks for advanced biofuels, such as agricultural and forestry residues are widely available across Europe, as is the technology to convert them to fuels. And the EBTP is working closely with the EC on the next phase of the EIBI implementation plan (2013-2017) to turn the vision into commercial reality.

After 6 years of encouraging collaborative R&D&D, EBTP welcomes the commissioning of a range of industrial-scale advanced bioenergy and biofuels demonstrations across Europe, with 8 new projects being supported by NER300 funding for innovative sustainable technologies.

Initiatives such as ERANET Plus BESTF, BRIDGE - the Biobased Industries PPP, Horizon 2020, the Advanced Biofuels Flightpath Initiative, and the second Call of NER300 will all contribute to address further the much needed funding of demonstration and flagship projects.

To kick-start the new generation of biofuels and maximise the economic and environmental benefits beyond 2020, there is an immediate need for a consistent, stable and supportive framework of policies. This is vital to avoid other parts of the world racing ahead of Europe in terms of technology leadership.

Following extensive discussion within Working Group 4 “Policy and Sustainability”, and approval by the Steering Committee, the EBTP has produced a short document on the EC proposal for amending the Renewable Energy Directive and Fuel Quality Directive to take into account ILUC concerns.

The EBTP broadly supports a science-based approach to sustainability issues across the bioeconomy, for food, bioproducts, bioenergy and biofuels. At the same time, the significant investments in existing biofuels production need to be recognised, and a pragmatic approach must be taken to facilitate a smooth transition to advanced technologies and a wider feedstock base as part of a coherent and productive sustainable transport strategy in Europe.

We are at a pivotal moment for sustainable biofuels technologies, and the EBTP will continue to extend its activities working with stakeholders across all sides of the advanced biofuels value chains as part of the growing bioeconomy.

European Biofuels Technology Platform

2. EBTP 5th Stakeholder Plenary Meeting (SPM5)

Thanks to all the speakers and over 150 stakeholders who attended each day of the EBTP 5th Stakeholder Plenary Meeting in Brussels on 6-7 February 2013 and contributed to a very productive event, focusing on the deployment of advanced biofuels in Europe. Presentations and links from the event are online covering the following topics:

  • Agricultural policies to ensure feedstock mobilisation
  • Non-technical challenges for a company intending to build a demonstration/flagship plant - biomass sourcing strategy
  • Civil society view on competition for biomass resources and sustainability parameters
  • Status update of selected demonstration plants - thermochemcial and biochemical value chains
  • From concept to demonstration: developing an advanced biofuel project:
  • Fortum case study on integration of industrial scale pyrolysis
  • European Advanced Biofuels Flightpath Initiative: Progress and hurdles of getting biofuels in the air
  • EC Support to Advanced Biofuels (European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative, NER300, Bio-based Industries PPP)
  • Eranet+ BESTF (BioEnergy Sustaining the Future)
  • The Private-Public Partnership on bio-based industries: Biobased and Renewable Industries for Development and Growth in Europe (BRIDGE)
  • M&G Chemtex Case study on the first commercial advanced ethanol plant in the EU and how it was financed
  • Existing policy framework and proposal to review RED and FQD to take ILUC of biofuels into account
  • NGO viewpoint on long-term policy support to advanced biofuels demand in the EU
  • EBTP views on the RED and FQD review
  • Global approaches to support for advanced biofuels in the United States, Brazil and Central and Eastern Europe

3. EBTP document on EC proposals to amend RED and FQD

Following extensive discussion within Working Group 4 “Policy and Sustainability”, and approval by the Steering Committee, the EBTP has produced a short document outlining comments on the EC proposals for amending the Renewable Energy Directive and Fuel Quality Directive to take into account ILUC.

View EBTP comments on the EC proposal to review the RED and FQD

4. EIBI Update / ERANET Plus BESTF

Work continues on the draft EIBI implementation plan for 2013-2017, which will be supported by EBTP activities over the next 3 years, focusing on accelerating commercial scale deployment of the most promising advanced biofuels value chains. The draft implementation plan will be circulated to EBTP stakeholders as soon as it is finalised in Spring 2013.

January 2013 saw the launch of an ERANET Plus activity Bioenergy Sustaining the Future (BESTF) implemented by a consortium of eight EU Member States and Associated Countries, including the UK, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. This will provide funding and support to collaborative bioenergy projects that demonstrate one or more innovative steps resulting in demonstration at a pre-commercial stage. The competition launched on 7th January 2013 and the deadline for first stage (full) submissions is 27th March 2013. BESTF funds will be used to support bioenergy demonstration projects that fit into one or more of seven EIBI value chains documented in the call guidance. Further details can be found at the BESTF website.

5. NER300 funding of advanced bioenergy and biofuels

On 18 December 2012 it was announced that five advanced biofuels projects and three bioenergy projects will receive funding after the first call for proposals of the NER300 funding programme for innovative low-carbon technologies.

Details are included in MEMO/12/999: Questions and Answers on the outcome of the first call for proposals under the NER300 programme. The successful projects include:





Bioenergy (advanced biofuels)

Ajos BTL



Bioenergy (advanced biofuels)




Bioenergy (advanced biofuels)

CEG Plant Goswinowice



Bioenergy (advanced biofuels

UPM Stracel BTL



Bioenergy (advanced biofuels)





phase 2











6. EBTP Developments and Working Group update

The 28th meeting of the EBTP Steering Committee was held before SPM5 at the Diamant Brussels on 6th February 2013, and attended by 21 people, including SC and Secretariat members, Working Groups chairs and observers from the EC.

It was noted that the current EBTP Secretariat contract will end in March 2013. Following the recent FP7 call, a proposal has been put forward for new support activities for EBTP stakeholders. The evaluation is ongoing.

The Steering Committee is currently holding a review of its Terms of Reference and composition. Some existing members have opted not to stand for re-election, typically due to changes in their working role. Applications from several new candidates are being considered. The ultimate aim of the review is to provide a range of biofuels expertise and views within Steering Committee, while maintaining a balanced sectorial and geographical representation, and building upon the experience of established members. The process is nearing completion and the new composition of the SC will be announced by the end of March 2013.

EBTP activities update

The EBTP is contributing to an ERTRAC roadmap on energy carriers and powertrains. The Bio-CCS JTF aims to hold a workshop this summer to address costs and specific issues relating to Bio-CCS. The EBTP attended a European Parliament STOA (Science and Technology Options Assessment) workshop, in preparation of a position paper on "the "Future of Transport".

Thematic planning for 2013

Working Group 1 “Biomass” is actively seeking collaboration with other Technology Platforms or actors in the field of Biomass particularly the Renewable Heating and Cooling Technology Platform. A link is also being established with the Forestry Technology Platform.

Working Group 2 “Conversion” aims to contribute to EERA meetings, the Bio-CCS cooperation, EIBI and Research Priority Documents.

Working Group 3 “End Use” is currently delayed in its activities, pending appointment of a new Chair. Meanwhile new members are being recruited from the aviation and marine sectors.

Working Group 4 ”Sustainability and Policy” has been actively preparing the paper on the proposed RED/FQD amendment. It will then focus on post 2020 recommendations.

7. EBTP involvement in recent Biofuels Events

22 January 2013 – Eco-efficient transport, Brussels
Sandrine Dixson-Declève (SC) represented the EBTP

24 January 2013 – ERTRAC Kick-off meeting: Joint Roadmap on "Future Fuels and Powertrains", Brussels
Anders Röj (SC) represented the EBTP

31 January 2013 – Science and Technology Options Assessment (STOA) workshop, Brussels
Sandrine Dixson-Declève (SC) represented the EBTP

6 February 2013 – 28th Steering Committee Meeting of the EBTP, Brussels

6-7 February 2013 – 5th Stakeholder Plenary Meeting of the EBTP, Brussels

7 February 2013 – EBTP: Working Group 1 “Biomass” meeting, Brussels

7 February 2013 – EBTP: Working Group 4 “Policy & Sustainability” meeting, Brussels

25-26 February 2013 - 10th CONCAWE Symposium, Brussels
Birger Kerckow represented the EBTP
View presentations

27 February 2013 – 11th EIBI Team meeting, Brussels
Anders Lau Tuxen, Valentin Ruiz Santa Quiteria, Cristina Degano, Carmen Millan and Birger Kerckow represented the EBTP, Markku Karlsson (SC) presented the EBTP with a presentation on “Revision of the EIBI Implementation Plan”

7 March 2013 – ERTRAC meeting: Joint Roadmap on "Future Fuels and Powertrains", Brussels
Birger Kerckow (SEC) and Kai Sipilä represented the EBTP

8. Biofuels and related events for Spring/Summer 2013

Links and details for the following biofuels and bioenergy events are included on the events page of the EBTP website. Please check regularly as new events are added each week. Selected events for late Spring and Summer 2013 are listed below.

19-21 March 2013 - Workshop on Sustainable Biomass Production in Southeast Africa
Maputo, Mozambique

2 April 2013 - Stakeholder event on the Bioindustries PPP
Madrid, Spain

3-5 April 2013 - 3rd International Conference on Lignocellulosic Ethanol
Madrid, Spain

8-10 April 2013 - International Biomass Conference and Expo
Minneapolis, US

16-17 April 2013 - VIII Biomass: Fuel & Power Congress
Holiday Inn Lesnaya, Russia

24-25 April 2013 - European Algae Biomass 2013
Vienna, Austria

24 April 2013 - Launch of EASAC report: The current status of biofuels in the European Union
Brussels, Belgium

7-8 May 2013 - 6th International Conference on Biodiesel - A Fuel on the Move
Berlin, Germany

12-15 May 2013 - Bioenergy and Biorenewables: Integrating scientific and societal agendas
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

14-16 May 2013 - Future of European Biofuels: Policy, Environment and Technology
Poznan, Poland

23-24 May 2013 - Suschem Stakeholder Event - Essential elements for EU growth and jobs: innovative materials and processes
Brussels, Belgium

23-24 May 2013 - World Biofuels 2013
Seville, Spain

3-7 June 2013 - 21st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition
Bella Center, Copenhagen, Denmark

5-7 June 2013 - 9th International Conference on Renewable Resources & Biorefineries
Antwerp, Belgium

10-13 June 2013 - 2013 International Fuel Ethanol Workshop & Expo
St. Louis, MO, United States

12-13 June 2013 - European Biodiesel 2013
Lisbon, Portugal

17-19 June 2013 - AEBIOM European Bioenergy Conference 2013
Brussels, Belgium

9. Recent Biofuels Reports & Presentations

Links to a number of new biofuels reports have been added to the EBTP Reports Database in recent weeks. Links to biofuels presentations are also included on relevant pages of the EBTP website. Recent examples include:

Presentations from the 2013 Stakeholders Conference - Bioeconomy in the EU: Achievements and Directions for the Future
EC DG Research and Innovation

Energy and transportation energy and climate roadmap
ICCT International Council on Clean Transportation

Biomass Gasification Technology Assessment
M. Worley and J. Yale, Harris Group Inc. on behalf of NREL