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  ETIP Bioenergy is pleased to invite you to participate in the workshop

“How to accelerate commercialization of biorefineries for large scale biofuel production? – The role of the financial sector and good examples from industry”

next Thursday 19 September, 9.00-12.00

in the framework of the Advanced Biofuels Conference 2019 in Stockholm

The Renewable Energy Directive (RED II) is now in place and sets a floor level for renewable transport fuels. However, if we are to deliver on the Paris agreement, as well as the Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-plan), we need to facilitate implementation biorefineries for large scale biofuel production. Such a development and deployment of new sustainable technologies will demand significant capital. Further, not only are vast amounts of capital needed, the mobilization of capital is needed to accelerate in the very near future.

The workshop focuses on policy, institutional framework and the role of the financial sector for deployment and upscaling of biorefineries for large scale biofuel production and provides presentations and perspectives by key actors from the financial sector as well as inspiring examples from the industry.

The workshop also provides the opportunity for creative friction and alignment of key messages regarding what's needed to propel the development through round table discussions.


09.00 Introduction to the challenges ahead regarding large scale mobilization of capital for upscaling and deployment of biorefinery technologies
Patrik Klintbom, Chair, ETIP Bioenergy, Sweden

The perspective if the financial sector
Presentations and discussions with focus on challenges and prerequisites for large scale capital investments in new sustainable technologies, strategies for de-risking of such investments. Innovative funding schemes etc. How does different financial actors work with financing of this type of investments? Are there special conditions associated with investments in biorefinery technologies and what can we learn from other areas?
  • Amelie Nordin, Sustainable Finance Manager, Swedbank, Sweden
  • Patrik Marckert, Senior Manager, Nordic Investment Bank, Finland
  • Lars Waldheim, Waldheim Consulting, Sweden
10.20 Coffee and tea with networking

10.50 Good examples from industry and development projects
Presentations and discussions with focus on the good examples and discussion about challenges encountered by the industry when scaling up biorefinery technologies. Which are these challenges and how can they be overcome? Are there special conditions associated with investments in bio-refinery technologies from the industry perspective?
  • Misha Valk, Head Business Development, SkyNRG, The Netherlands
  • Filip Johnsson, Chalmers and the ADVANCEFUEL project, Sweden
  • Lars Lind, Managing Director, Adesso BioProducts, Sweden
  • Summary, Patrik Klintbom, Chair, ETIP Bioenergy and Johanna Mossberg,
    Focus Area Manager - Fossil Free Transport at RISE Research Institutes of Sweden
12.00 Lunch and networking in the lobby

The workshop is arranged in collaboration with ETIP Bioenergy and the project ETIP Bioenergy SABS II. Please note that registration is required.

Contact Johanna Mossberg, Focus Area Manager - Fossil Free Transport RISE, for more information,

How to get there?
Elite Hotel Marina Tower, Saltsjöqvarns Kaj 25, Stockholm, Sweden

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