The 11th Stakeholder Plenary Meeting of ETIP Bioenergy

New release: Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2023

SET4BIO project results

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The 11th Stakeholder Plenary Meeting of ETIP Bioenergy

The 11th Stakeholder Plenary Meeting of the ETIP Bioenergy has proven to be a unique forum for the bioenergy and renewable fuels community in Europe. This latest edition in Brussels was joined by about 80 stakeholders across policy, industry, and R&D sectors engaged in stimulating discussions on main developments, emerging technologies and crucial topics in the bioenergy and renewable fuels field. 

«Bioenergy and biomass are complex issues, and we are committed to share knowledge» said Patrik Klintbom, Chair of ETIP Bioenergy in the closing speech. Maria Georgiadou, Senior Expert at DG RTD, agreed and reinforced the message: «Sustainable implementation of bioenergy is a matter of morality». 


New release: Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda 2023

The Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda (SRIA) of ETIP Bioenergy aims to identify important activities and focus areas that need to be considered in future research and innovation of the bioenergy and biofuels field, for enabling the value chains to reach their full market potential. 

The current edition is an update of the last release of 2018.  Officially released and presented on the occasion of the ETIP Bioenergy 11th Stakeholder Plenary Meeting (28 September 2023, Brussels), SRIA 2023 addresses the status of development and deployment of biomass technologies, including key research and innovation challenges; the biomass supply for a growing bioeconomy industry, advanced conversion technologies, emerging markets (aviation and shipping) and concludes with an outlook for biofuels beyond 2030. 

SET4BIO Renewable Fuels And Bioenergy For A Low-Carbon Europe - accelerating the implementation of the SET Plan is a H2020 project aimed to support the full execution of the Implementation Plan of SET Plan Action 8 (Bioenergy and Renewable Fuels for Sustainable Transport). Started in March 2020, the project has been carried out by a consortium of six partners and was successfully concluded in August 2023. 
Over a three-and-half year life span, SET4BIO has carried out a number of activities and produced many valuable outputs and resources: several mappings of projects, industry stakeholders, platforms, funding and financing opportunities in the field of bioenergy and renewable fuels,  challenges to stimulate innovation, and a set of policy recommendations at hand of policy makers. These pieces of knowledge were disseminated through different and impactful tools, such as factsheets, interactive maps, booklets, articles and papers.
Most of these outputs were presented last June during the project final event dedicated to the revamping of the SET Plan and the role of bioenergy inthere, organized by ETIP Bioenergy in the framework of the 31st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition (EUBCE). 

A selection of the latest and most prominent SET4BIO project results is available below.

SET4BIO project results


Bioenergy and renewable fuels projects for the revamping of the SET Plan 
A full-day side event featuring policy experts and 10 EU research projects contributing to the SET Plan Action 8 - Renewable Fuels and Bioenergy.
Read the event summary
SET4BIO: a Framework to Accelerate Bioenergy and Biofuels Solutions across Europe and Beyond
Included in the Proceedings of the 31st European Biomass Conference and Exhibition

Read the paper


Policy perspective on development and deployment of bioenergy and renewable fuels: Five steps for acceleration across Europe and beyond
A set of policy recommendations to unlock the potential from renewable fuels and bioenergy.
Read the booklet
Global Outlook on Platforms and Initiatives in the field of Bioenergy and Renewable Fuels
A visual tool illustrating 22 relevant initiatives and platforms identified in the field of Implementation Plan of SET Plan - Action 8
Explore the map


Financing Opportunities for Bioenergy
An overview on the main financing opportunities available today for bioenergy and renewable fuels project.
Explore the map
Map of National Bioenergy Projects
A picture of ongoing and recently finished nationally funded projects in the field of bioenergy over the IWG8 countries.
Explore the map


The full list of SET4BIO project results is available on the Outputs and Resources webpage.


17th SET Plan Conference

13-14 November 2023 in Viladecans (Barcelona), Spain

This year’s theme highlights the need to reinforce the R&I landscape to enhance competitiveness and sovereignty of clean energy technology value chains within the EU. Organised under the patronage of the Spanish Presidency of the EU Council.
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Enlit Europe 2023

28-30 November 2023 in Paris, France

A global forum aiming to connect industries, inspire action and help Europe evolve into one decarbonised and digitalised energy system for the energy transition.
Learn more

The European Bioenergy Future 2023 (EBF2023)

28-30 November 2023 in Brussels, Belgium

Organized by Bioenergy Europe, EBF is a leading event for the European bioenergy sector, bringing together policy and market actors. It provides updated knowledge on EU policy context, market trends and networking opportunities.
Learn more

Fuels of the Future 2024

22-23 January 2024 in Berlin, Germany

Featuring speakers and participants from a variety of industries linked to renewable fuels and mobility systems, as well as from politics, science and research. aims to update participants on legislative initiatives, share market developments and project examples, and facilitate experience exchange.
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