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  The 9th Stakeholder Plenary Meeting (SPM) of the European Technology and Innovation Platform Bioenergy will be held from 20-21 November 2019 in Brussels.

Three thematic sessions will take place during the first day, which include: innovations in renewable fuels and bioenergy sectors, opportunities and challenges with respect to broadening the biomass feedstock base in Europe, as well as the future endeavours of ETIP Bioenergy and options regarding how stakeholders can become involved.

Interactive breakout sessions will be organized in the afternoon on biomass availability, conversion technologies, markets and end use, and policy and sustainability.
  • The first breakout session (Working Group 1) will discuss how to improve practices for forest biomass supply and logistics, biofuels from marginal land, biomass supply and cost supply assessments certification and standardisation. The session will be chaired by Calliope Panoutsou, Senior Research Fellow, Imperial College London.

  • The breakout session on WG2 will be aimed at examining the changes regarding ETIP Bioenergy value chains and their background and providing recent news and developments on priority value chain projects. The session will be chaired by Francisco Gírio, National Laboratory of Energy and Geology (LNEG), and Lars Waldheim, Waldheim Consulting.

  • The breakout session on WG3 will be aimed at contributing  to the identification and promotion of the most promising avenues for bioenergy research and development to DG RTD as the objective of ETIP Bioenergy, in the "market and end uses" domain as far as WG3 is concerned. The session will be chaired by Philippe Marchand, formerly Total, and Dorothée Lahaussois, Toyota.

  • The breakout session of WG4 will be aimed at addressing whether or not the REDII and its foreseen implementation is “enough” to achieve sustainable biomass supply in the EU, to understanding how to ensure that REDII requirements will be understood and met by non-EU partners as well as facilitating discussions regarding if REDII serves as a sound basis for governing the sustainability of the broader bio economy, and if not, determining what else is needed. The session will be chaired by Uwe R. Fritsche, Scientific Director at the International Institute for Sustainability Analysis and Strategy.
The second day takes a bird´s eye view on the contribution of advanced renewable transport fuels to the decarbonisation of transport in 2030 and beyond, technological optionsimplementation barriers, and financial instruments.


Resource efficient biomass feedstock supply is essential to sustain current capacities and facilitate market development for advanced bioenergy and biofuel technological pathways.

The European Technology and Innovation Platform Bioenergy (ETIP Bioenergy) - Working Group 1 Biomass Availability and Supply - has prepared a working paper with the aim of synthesizing recent research targeting European biomass feedstock for bioenergy, identifying opportunities and challenges as well as providing research and policy relevant recommendations for 2030 and beyond.

Four research areas are analysed:
  • Improving Practices for Forest Biomass Supply and Logistics
  • Biofuels From Marginal Land;
  • Biomass Supply And Cost Supply Assessments
  • Certification & Standardization
The working paper will be presented during ETIP Bioenergy 9th Stakeholder Plenary Meeting next 20-21 November in Brussels.


The European Technology and Innovation Platform Bioenergy (ETIP Bioenergy) is an industry-led stakeholder platform that brings together relevant actors from academia, industry, and civil society, engaged in the development of sustainable bioenergy and competitive biofuel technologies

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About ETIP Bioenergy

The European Technology and Innovation Platform Bioenergy (ETIP Bioenergy) is an industry-led stakeholder platform that brings together relevant actors from academia, industry, and civil society, engaged in the development of sustainable bioenergy and competitive biofuel technologies. ETIP Bioenergy aims to contribute to the development of cost-competitive, innovative world-class bioenergy and biofuel value chains, to the creation and strengthening of a healthy European bioenergy industry and to accelerate the sustainable deployment of bioenergy in the European Union, through a process of guidance, prioritisation and promotion of research, technology development and demonstration. ETIP Bioenergy has the role to represent the unbiased, united, and consolidated view of the biofuels and bioenergy industry in Europe.

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