PRESS RELEASE: Supporting the Implementation of the Set-Plan Action 8 Renewable Fuels and Bioenergy

Last March 2020, the EU Horizon 2020 funded project SET4BIO was launched with the aim to support the execution of the Implementation Plan of Action 8 (IP8) - Bioenergy and Renewable Fuels for Sustainable Transport, in order to make a step change in the build-up of a cost-competitive bioenergy and renewable fuels market in the EU and globally. The three-year project is carried out by a consortium of six partners, coordinated by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. The main task of SET4BIO is helping to achieve the research and innovation goals of the Energy Union through the implementation of the Integrated Strategic Energy Technology (SET) Plan, endorsed by EU Member States and SET Plan Associated Countries. It will also share inputs and strategic recommendations to a broad public of experts and citizens interested in the decarbonization of the EU transport sector. Given the significant strategic importance and opportunities for the Renewable Fuels and Bioenergy sector we look forward to seeing how we can help and catalyse development, says Patrik Klintbom at RISE which is Project Coordinator for SET4BIO.

The specific objectives of SET4BIO are:

  1. Support the realisation of 13 Research & Innovation activities (as identified by the SET Plan Implementation Plan Action 8 - IP8) by promoting fluent working relations and partnerships between key stakeholders from industry, SET Plan countries and academia;

  2. Facilitate the mobilisation of national and European funding from both the public and private sector for delivering bioenergy and renewable fuels Research & Innovation activities during the project and beyond its closure;

  3. Set up an enabling working framework (on policy and investment level) for further development and deployment of bioenergy and renewable fuels technologies in the European market;

  4. Pilot processes and mechanism through dedicated Innovation contests for favouring the market entrance of technologies;

  5. Maximize the impacts deriving from a cost-competitive world class European market for bioenergy and renewable fuels.

Industry and Member States Involvement

To accomplish the targets foreseen in the Implementation Plan of Action 8, SET4BIO will pursue the direct involvement of both industry stakeholders and the Member States representatives. This will be done also via a direct support of SET4BIO to the Implementation Working Group for Action 8 (IWG 8) by engaging with and coordinating its members and all the stakeholders (entrepreneurs, experts and citizens). SET4BIO will take an active role in supporting the Implementation Working Group for Action 8 (IWG8) both as competence centre and as a link between the IWG8 and final stakeholders, such as entrepreneurs, experts and citizens. It will develop a roadmap for funding and financing of the bioenergy projects and infrastructures included in the plan, innovation challenges to stimulate and encourage new business models, and an array of activities to bridge the gap between R&I results and industry application in SET Plan countries and globally.

For delivering its results, SET4BIO will work in an aligned way with the Integrated SET Plan Steering Group, the European Technology and Innovation Platforms (ETIPs), in particular ETIP Bioenergy, the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA), the SET Plan Information System (SETIS) as well as with members from industry, academia, SET Plan countries and citizens.


The Implementation Plan was approved in June 2018 by the Temporary Working Group 8 (TWG8) of the SET Plan, following the initial Declaration of Intent (DoI) of 2016, which defined the challenges and clear targets for Action 8. In line with the DoI, the plan details the European Research and Innovation activities required by 2030 to reach the strategic targets for this sector. These can be resumed by improving the performance (yield and efficiency) and the GHG saving of bioenergy technologies by 2030, whilst reducing their costs at the same time.

The Implementation Plan is challenging both in terms of reaching the targets and in mobilizing the financial volumes required for this. 13 actions are identified by the Plan to reach this ambitious target and the volume of investments required for this goal is estimated at 107 billion €: 2.29 billion € for development measures and 104.31 billion € for demonstration and scale-up activities. The financing instruments for this target shall be mobilized by activating and coordinating a wide number of actors, including private and public stakeholders, in addition to Member States and the EU, putting together their resources in a concerted effort towards the same goal.



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SET4BIO - RENEWABLE FUELS AND BIOENERGY FOR A LOW-CARBON EUROPE – ACCELERATING THE IMPLEMENTATION OF THE SET-PLAN ACTION 8 is a project funded by Horizon 2020 EU’s new research and innovation programme, aimed at proposing solutions and ways to overcome essential barriers identified in the Implementation Plan of Action 8 (IP8). It will coordinate key stakeholders and promote the best development practices.

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 884524

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