Registration Open for Online Biomass Workshop Series 2020-21: REDII Implementation and Beyond

We are pleased to announce that registration for the series of online workshops devoted to exploring REDII implementation and delivering good woody biomass is now open. Visit the SBP website at to register and secure your spot - spaces are limited.

About the Workshop Series (please click here for some further information on the workshops)

The impending implementation of REDII by Member States and the recently launched review of REDII raises the profile of the role of woody biomass in achieving climate goals and how sustainability of biomass should be defined and applied in practice.

In parallel to the development of the policy debate, biomass producers and forest owners strive to deliver legal and sustainable biomass (‘good biomass’) to EU Member States.

This series of online workshops aims to reach key stakeholders and contribute to the dialogue on how sustainable biomass is defined, what REDII implementation looks like in practice and how to ensure good biomass is supplied and used in a way that contributes to climate goals.

Participation in the workshops is free of charge.

Who’s talking?

The Workshop Series will bring together stakeholders with a range of interests and backgrounds to collectively share solutions on defining, delivering and using good biomass as part of the renewable energy mix.

The events will be facilitated by Dirk Hulverscheidt, using the workshop platform tool, Howspace, to enable interaction between presenters and participants. Attendees will be encouraged to actively participate and engage with the speakers and each other before, during and after the workshops.

Online workshop 1: Ongoing developments in EU Member States and the role of REDII, 5 October 202015.00 -18.00 (CET)

Confirmed speakers include Bodil Harder (Danish Energy Agency) providing a view from a Member State, Michelle Koper (Navigant) on outcomes of the REDII BIO study, Liliana Gamba (WWF) providing an NGO perspective, Lotta Heikkonen (Confederation of European Forest Owners) on REDII and the EU Forest Strategy, and Simon Armstrong (SBP) on what makes good regulation. In addition, DG Energy has been invited to provide an update on the status of REDII guidance.

Online workshop 2: Biomass supply from in- and outside the EU, 19 October 202015.00 -18.00 (CET)

Speakers include Mike Williams (Westervelt), and biomass producers from US and Europe, including Jennifer Jenkins (Enviva), Ernst Eriksen (HedeDanmark) and Mikhel Jugaste (Graanul Invest). Richard Perbedy (Drax) on the energy generator’s experience,  an NGO perspective, as well as the smallholder perspective from Sarah Crow (American Forest Foundation), with views from regulators and policy makers.

Online workshop 3: How to ensure that using biomass maintains and protects biodiversity? 9 November 202015.00 -18.00 (CET)

Speakers to be confirmed.

Online workshop 4: Carbon, forests and climate impacts of woody biomass, 30 November 202015.00 -18.00 (CET)

Speakers to be confirmed.

Online workshop 5: Social impacts of woody biomass, 20 January 202115.00 -18.00 (CET)