ART Fuel Forum (AFF)

Financed by the DG ENER/C2 - European Commission under the scope “Support for alternative and renewable liquid and gaseous fuels forum (policy and market issues)”, the ART Fuel Forum (AFF) gathers together representatives of alternative and renewable liquid and gaseous transportation fuels.

Actors come from:

  • the European Alternative and Renewable Transport Fuels (ART Fuels) production industry;
  • the transport consumption industry;
  • policy makers and stakeholders of the European Union;
  • international cooperation players (mainly from USA, Canada and India).

The scope of the Forum is to provide a place for know-how exchange, discussion and elaboration of common positions to manly overcome current non-technological barriers, which limit a full policy and market penetration of Alternative and Renewable Transport Fuels in Europe.

Forum Leaders, which are the main experts of the Forum, are supported by Advisers, Task Force Members and Affiliate Members. Besides, a number of Observers (representing associations and NGOs) can take part to the Forum activities, enriching the discussion.

The Forum periodically provides valuable insights and tools to enhance the understanding of ART Fuels sector’s needs on several areas: policy implementation at European level; market uptake; technology deployment; international cooperation, WTO and GHG emissions.

AFF works at several levels, from organizing open discussions and plenary meetings, to drafting ad-hoc contribution and position papers disseminated among different stakeholders and participation to linked initiatives and technical workshops.

For further information about AFF, please visit the website