Forest-based Sector Technology Platform (FTP)

The Forest-based Sector Technology Platform (FTP) is a European Technology Platform (ETP) dedicated to the forest-based sector. It is the meeting place for industry, forest owners and public authorities to discuss and build up a critical mass of knowledge on common research and innovation needs for the sector and make decisions for cooperation. 

By this means, FTP delivers scie
ntific sound, strategic and EU relevant information to public funding providers, thus facilitating opportunities for targeted investments in research, technological developments and innovation (RTDI). Develop, promote and implement a Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda to advance competitiveness and sustainability of the forest-based sector through innovation is the main activity coordinated by FTP. The Platform has launched a Vision 2040 for the sector in November 2018.

FTP is the primary focal point for the European Commission with regards forest-based research and innovation. Through its strong representation in various EU advisory bodies and expert groups, FTP advises policy makers on the sector’s RTDI priorities. FTP also collaborates
 with other organisations in various initiatives and projects aimed at profiling the forest-based sector as the key actor in and enabler of the bioeconomy.