Bioenergy in Ukraine- Updated Country Fact Sheet

Over the past years, Ukraine has been often spotlighted as a critical player in the consolidation of bioenergy in Europe, due to its massive, yet largely untapped sustainable biomass potential. Yet, the domestic expansion is constrained by multiple factors, notably by political instability, a low-supportive regulatory framework and socio-economics.

Among factors that could foster positive developments are the need to secure more energy self-sufficiency vis-a-vis the perduring tensions with Russia, formerly the primary provider of energy products. Moreover, the current post-pandemic scenario could represent a real opportunity for the take-off of bioenergy. Biomass could play an important role, even though the current contribution to the energy mix is limited: there is some convergence in estimating that agricultural and forestry residues for energy production could deliver about 10-15% of TPES in the future energy mix.

The current trend seems to favour biogas and solid biofuels production, which require low investments, and so represents more seizable and readily deployable options to support Ukraine in reducing dependency on imports for heating. 

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