ERA-NET Bioenergy

In ERA-NET Bioenergy, national ministries and agencies that own or manage bioenergy research programmes work together in order to improve cost-effectiveness and ensure the maximum research impacts for the energy sector. The objective of ERA-NET Bioenergy is to contribute to the creation of a true European Research Area (ERA) by stimulating and supporting programme coordination and joint activities conducted at national or regional level, as well as among European organisations, and thus help to develop the common knowledge base necessary for the coherent development of policies. The goal of ERA-NET Bioenergy is to strengthen national bioenergy research programmes through enhancing cooperation and coordination between national agencies. Through collaboration, the individual national programmes aim to produce higher quality results, while through coordination, they will seek to complement each other, avoiding duplication. To achieve these goals, a structure for the systematic exchange of information has been set up and a number of joint actions, workshops and joint calls has been launched.