Report on Advanced biofuels in the European Union

The report presents an assessment of the state of the art of key technologies for advanced biofuels production. It provides an overview of the current trends and main challenges in the sector, analysing the technology and value chain framework, the global market and funding levels.
Advanced biofuels are produced using only feedstocks which have no direct or indirect land use change.
The sector of advanced biofuels is just emerging and the number of commercial plants is still quite low; the EU is the world leader with 19 out of 24 operational, commercial plants of advanced biofuels, with Sweden and Finland having the highest number (12). 
The main challenges are currently the high capital expenditure needed and the availability of sustainable biomass feedstock. There is potential for a 25-40% cost reduction through R&I, and a 50% further reduction by large scale deployment and co-processing feedstocks in existing (fossil fuel) plants.
This publication is an output of the Clean Energy Technology Observatory (CETO), aimed to increase the effectiveness of R&I policies for clean energy technologies and solutions. CETO is implemented by the Joint Research Centre for DG Research and Innovation, in coordination with DG Energy. 
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