SET-Plan Action 8 Implementation Plan Renewable Fuels and Bioenergy

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This Implementation Plan (IP) of Action 8, Bioenergy and Renewable Fuels for Sustainable Transport, describes the Research and Innovation (R&I) activities that need to be implemented in order to achieve the strategic targets adopted in the SET Plan Declaration of Intent (DoI). The representatives of the European Commission services, SET Plan countries, and stakeholders most directly involved in the respective sectors agreed upon these in December 2017.

In line with the SET Plan DoI, the Implementation Plan has three common goals for the field of Bioenergy at large, which include:

- Improve performance (yield and efficiency) of production

Reduce GHG emissions along the value chain

- Reduce overall costs.

The goal of the Implementation Plan (IP) is to translate SET Plan key actions into specific recommendations for R&I engagements and/or policy measures related to innovation by identifying strategy and R&I activities that need to be implemented to reach targets set in the Declaration of Intent (DoI). This entails coordinating R&I activities and stimulating joint actions by funding actors, while also considering international cooperation.

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2009 - ongoing

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