UFOP Online Publications on Biofuels Policy, GHG Balances and Biodiesel

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This short report includes links to the following publications:

Biofuel Policy/iLUC

  • Rapeseed – Opportunity or risk for the future!?
  • Biodiesel Approval for the Operation of Heavy and Light Duty Vehicles (B100)
  • “indirect Land Use Change” (iLUC) – A critical inventory for objective political decision-making
  • UFOP Filling Station Study: Germany-wide filling station sampling of „standard“ diesel fuels – comparative investigation of summer and winter fuel 2013
  • Study: Determinants for the level and volatility of agricultural commodity prices on international markets

Biodiesel Research

  • Reducing emissions using biofuel blends from engines with SCR catalytic converters (Offprint MTZ 2/2014)
  • Lowering of the Boiling Curve of Biodiesel by Metathesis
  • UFOP-funded project for the approval of biodiesel as a pure fuel for DEUTZ Agripower engines
  • Final report – Screening of suitable monomer crosslinker systems and experiments on molecular recognition of acylated Steryl glycosides (ASG)
  • Optimisation of the Post-injection during Particle Filter Regeneration can reduce the Fuel Entry into Engine Oil of Passenger Car Diesel Engines
  • Project report for the release of DEUTZ Euro IV common rail engines for biodiesel out
  • Final Report: Oil Dilution of a Passenger Car Diesel Engine in Operation with blended Diesel Fuel B10

GHG Balances

  • ECOFYS Study – „Greenhouse gas impact of marginal fuels“
  • DBFZ: Influence of the re-evaluation of residual and waste materials on the GHG balance of first generation biofuels
  • DBFZ: Revision needed regarding the GHG standard values for biodiesel from animal fats and vegetable waste oils
  • Biodiesel offers great internal engine potential for reducing particulate emissions
  • Element pollution of exhaust aftertreatment systems by using biodiesel (Offprint MTZ 6/2012)
  • US Study on Greenhouse Gas Balance of Soy Based Diesel with Inconsistencies

Further publications



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