Workshop "Common View on Biomass Feedstock Availability for the SET-Plan European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative" - Proceedings and Issues Paper

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The (SET-Plan) European Industrial Bioenergy Initiative (EIBI) addresses the technical and economic barriers to the further development and accelerated commercial deployment of bioenergy technologies. The availability of sustainable biomass is a precondition for the ambitious programme of innovative bioenergy demonstration and reference plants of the Industrial Initiative. Studies on biomass feedstock potential give a very wide range of predictions. To pursue the ambitions of the EIBI it is desirable to narrow down this range of predictions. This dedicated workshop was organised by the Research DG to clarify the assumptions of these studies, uncertainties and gaps of knowledge. Detailed background information is available in the Issues Paper prepared by Deborah O'Connell, CSIRO. The workshop was preceded by the International Bioenergy Symposium, organised on 15 April by the BEE and CEUBIOM projects.

The aim of the workshop presentations was to outline:

1. the range of potential predictions for various biomass feedstocks;
2. the major factors determining the availability of biomass for bioenergy and other bio-based products;
3. the main uncertainties and factors that influence the key parameters and likelihood of different scenarios;
4. the major direct and indirect environmental and social impacts of increased biomass use for bioenergy at global level.

EC Directorate-General for Research
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