EBTP Strategic Research Agenda Update 2010

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In January 2008, EBTP presented a collective view of the main Research, Development and Demonstration (R&D&D) priorities and accompanying deployment measures required for a successful implementation of sustainable and competitive biofuels in the EU.

This document identified the 3 critical areas in which technology development should play a key role (feedstocks, conversion processes, end-use technologies) and highlighted clearly that the winning options would be the pathways (combination of feedstock, conversion and end products) that best address both strategic and sustainability targets; environmental performance (greenhouse gas reduction, biodiversity, water, local emissions), security and diversification of energy supply, economic competitiveness and public awareness.

This 2010 update is strongly rooted in these core findings, which remain fully valid. In view of the EU 2020 climate and energy targets, the purpose of the update is to present a synthetic view of the most significant recent developments (technical and non-technical) of relevance to biofuels, and to highlight corresponding R&D&D priorities. The format is deliberately concise, aiming to present a simple overview of this complex area, rather than claiming to provide exhaustive coverage. It is based on a broad base of collective expertise within EBTP working groups, which gather actors from across the biofuels value chains: feedstock providers, biofuels and bioenergy producers, technology vendors, transportation fuels marketers, automotive industry, aviation industry, research & technology development organisations and NGOs.

Over the last 2 years, the EBTP has actively contributed to shaping the European Industry Bioenergy Initiative (EIBI), which will support demonstration and reference plant projects for innovative bioenergy value chains with large market potential via public private partnerships.

The EIBI proposal of the EBTP and the present document share common foundations and essential key messages. However, their respective purposes and scopes are distinct. The EIBI proposes a new programme to select and fund projects to accelerate industrial deployment of promising new technologies. The 2010 SRA update, on the other hand, presents a synthetic view on the key issues that drive, shape and enable biofuels developments (regulations, sustainability, feedstocks, technology) to highlight priority areas where further R&D&D is needed.


European Biofuels Technology Platform

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