IEA Task 37 (UK)

Broadstairs, United Kingdom
Task 37 (UK) operates the UK membership of the IEA Bioenergy Task 37 'Energy from biogas and landfill gas'. It is supported by a comprehensive and inclusive membership group including companies engaged in the design, construction and management of biogas plants at all scales and for the digestion/co-digestion of substrates from animal manure to source separated biodegradable waste; farmers, waste management companies, university research scientists,key organisations - the Country Land and Business Association, Renewable Energy Association, Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and companies that form part of the supply chain. It works closely with central government and the devolved Assemblies of Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales with the mutual exchange of technical and policy information. In addition to the immediate membership there is a nationwide dissemination network for all information received from the IEA Task 37 and for the input from the UK back to the IEA Task 37 Board and work programme. Its membership covers all uses of biogas and yjr upgrading of biogas for feed in to the national grid and for vehicle fuel.