TMO Renewables Limited

Guildford, United Kingdom
TMO Renewables Limited is a world leader in the development of second generation biofuels produced from biomass or biowaste rather than virgin crops. TMO's unique fermentation process is capable of utilising all of the sugars, including complex longer-chain forms, derived from lignocellulosic (woody) biomass. The high-temperature process boasts high efficiencies and fast conversion rates. TMO has built the UK s first cellulosic ethanol process demonstration unit (PDU) which integrates all the necessary steps in a continuous ethanol production process. This facility has been operational for just over a year. TMO's integrated sustainable approach to ethanol production utilises readily available and low-cost biomass feedstocks. Furthermore, the process can be a net energy contributor to existing ethanol plants, by recovering a significant proportion of the energy inputs.