Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Water Management And Forestry

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Water-Management and Forestry carries out the administrative, expert and other tasks set out by the laws related to the scope of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the field of agriculture, water-management, forestry and veterinary. Agriculture is governed through the following three core sectors: Agriculture and Food Sector; Rural Development and Extension Service Sector and Sector for Payments in Agriculture.

The Rural Development and Extension Service Sector consists of the following internal organizational units: Rural Development Division and Agricultural Extension Service. 

  • The main activities of the Rural Development Division are:
  • Preparation of rural development policy strategic frameworks;
  • Approximation of rural development policy with the EU;
  • Rural development cooperation with the country-level ministry in charge of agriculture;
  • Rural development cooperation with cantonal ministries and municipal authorities in charge of rural development;
  • Proposing rural development crediting models; 
  • Elaborating rural development measures;
  • Monitoring of rural development measures and impact analysis;
  • Development of analytical and other material based on data collected.