Ministry of Economy and Energy

Sofia, Bulgaria

The main mission of the Ministry of Economy and Energy is to develop and carry out clear and transparent economic, energy and tourism policy that protects the national and public interest and is based on the European principles. 

An effective foreign economic cooperation is another essential part of the Ministry's policies aiming to support sustainable economic growth.

The core of our energy policy is the development of a competitive internal and an integrated external market, the construction of a reliable infrastructure, security and diversification of sources and supply routes of the energy resources and an overall improvement of the energy efficiency. We stimulate the use of energy from renewable sources and the development of new clean technologies. We also develop nuclear energy in the country, in strict correspondence with the international safety standards and with proven economic efficiency. Furthermore, one of the main priorities of the Ministry and of the Bulgarian government is the need to improve Energy Efficiency. Bulgaria has a significant potential for implementation of Energy Efficiency measures: improving Energy Efficiency will contribute to reducing emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions and help prevent climate change. One of the measures that Bulgarian government has taken to improve Energy Efficiency is the Energy Efficiency Act. The Act implements the requirements of Directive 2006/32/EC and shall regulate the public relations with regard to the implementation of the governmental policy for improving Energy Efficiency for final energy consumption and providing energy services