Chisinau, Moldova

NGO BIOS started its activity in 1993 and was registered in February 1995 as a non-profit group committed to work in the areas of sustainable agriculture, environmental protection and rural community development in the Republic of Moldova. Since 1995, BIOS has developed into an organization carrying out a wide range of activities in several geographical areas of the country. The governmental agencies apply to NGO BIOIS for advice and comments on new policies, laws and regulations in the areas of environmental protection, rural development and agriculture, for contributions when preparing country action plans and reports for conventions and agreements to which the country is a party. NGO BIOS facilitates the development of community development plans using participatory approaches and through:

• Research and Development, comprising analysis of the ecological, economic and social situation for identifying the most affected zones, for finding out the optimal procedures for amelioration and for recommending them to other areas with similar problems

• Sustainable Development Activities comprising promotion of SD principles, sustainable consumption patterns; practical works for community development; mobilizing the resources for poverty alleviation improvement of social and economic conditions of people; soil, water and biodiversity conservation; developing partnerships with local and international organizations and entities

• Training, Education and Awareness Building in sustainable development. The actions include conferences, seminars, training courses, workshops; development of training materials for various age groups and categories, publication of brochures, books, bulletins, posters, leaflets, dissemination of training materials, etc.