Lootah Biofuels

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Rest of World

Lootah Biofuels (LBF), a fully owned subsidiary of the SS Lootah Group, is a business entity created after the successful completion of SS Lootah Group' s biodiesel Project, which won the Dubai Award for Sustainable Transportation (DAST) for the use of biofuel, made from Used Cooking Oil (UCO), in the company s fleet of ready-mix trucks. LBF aims to introduce and innovate sustainable solutions for long term energy requirements. High carbon footprint countries like UAE see biofuels as a way of reducing harmful emissions and combating global warming. Lootah Biofuels produces biodiesel from used cooking oil to meet its customers  individual quality and sustainability requirements. The  objective is to produce biodiesel in the most efficient and sustainable way to deliver economic value and environmental benefits. To meet the biodiesel challenges in UAE, LBF introduced biodiesel as a pilot project in a non-subsidized model using locally available knowledge, technical know how and resources. LBF aims to use local synergies to ensure that the costs of production is below the cost of diesel without any subsidy. Working closely with Universities, engineering teams and marketers, LBF has developed a model for biodiesel production that is complimentary to various sectors, such as waste management companies, transportation, energy, education and research, thus complementing the sustainability strategy of the UAE.