DG Dogru Geri Kazanim

, Turkey

"DG Doğru Geri Kazanım" is established in 2020 and is the biggest UCO collector in Turkey. Collecting UCO in Turkey is a very challenging task because UCO cannot be collected from households and there are no waste collection points in Turkey, unlike in Europe. This collection organization is managed in a highly systematic and corporate manner by meeting with all kinds of businesses, large and small, across the country, visiting tens of thousands of points every week while keeping all records in accordance with environmental regulations. As the company that collects the most UCO in Turkey, we are acquainted with all biodiesel producers in Turkey. Despite our partnerships with these producers, their inability to reach the production capacity we want is leading us to initiate a biodiesel production plant project. We are aware that we can become the largest biodiesel producer in Turkey in a short time by applying the systems and determination we have created to collect UCO to biodiesel production. Currently, we collect 1,600 tons of UCO per month while limiting our capacity. We can easily increase this to over 2,000 tons. In addition to UCO collection, we also plan to start operating a waste derived fuel plant that we own and operate in February or March.